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Everyone 02-26-00 One half of WAR has become {KOR}
and the other half will be led by Mr.Cream, the name has not been set yet
Disbanded WAR clan members 02-27-00 I'm sorry we did this to you guys but it was a long awaiting decision on mine and Aaron's part and i'm sure Chris we'll be a good leader for you guys {KOR}Avery
{KOR} Clan members 03-01-00 My computer has been down pretty much most of the week so i'm sorry that I haven't been available. {KOR}Avery
{KOR} Clan members 03-02-00 I got my new motherboard today so I'm finally back on my computer. We had to cancel practice today though. {KOR}Avery
{KOR} Clan members 03-20-00 Hey sorry I guys I havent talked to most of you in awhile, even though if you need to ask me something just send me a message on icq {KOR}Avery
{KOR} Clan members 03-21-00 We are planning on having a clan battle very shortly we just need to find the right clan that we know we'll be good to fight {KOR}Avery