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 02-08-00 Anybody who wants to know We accepted BVA's request to become allies with them. If there are any other clans that wish to allie please contact me at CatchYaFirst
 02-11-00 To all WAR Clan members We are planning on having a clan match with either clan ez69 or clan RIP within the next week or so.
If anyone who would like to be in the match please notify me.
 02-12-00 To all WAR Clan members We have found a disbanded clan who wants to become members of WAR. They used to be the clan Electric Reaction e[RN]. CatchYaFirst
02-12-00 To the concerned members of the clan I have some sad news regarding one of our members, Wil known to you as Wilkill is in the hospital from a hernia operation.We hope he gets better soon. CatchYaFirst

02-13-00 To all WAR Clan
The e[RN] clan have become one with WAR.
We welcome the new members- JackrabbiT, Sundown, Propilot, Chance, Kronos, Spit, RudyPoo.  
02-15-00 To all members of WAR I must regretfully decline the membership into the clan War. It was truely gracious of you to offer me a home with your clan, but I can no longer find the time to meet all of the practice times needed. I just have too much on my plate right now, including my upcoming wedding. Propilot