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02/14- Afterhours Lounge we'll be open from 4:00 - 5:00 pm  
WAR welcomes 7 new members- JackrabbiT, Sundown, RudyPoo,
Spit, Kronos, Propilot, Chance
02/13- We have a match with RIP one day this week
02/12- Practice today in the Afterhours Lounge at 4:00 pm
02/11- I've added two new maps, check them out in the media area                
02/10- Practice today at 4:00 pm in the Afterhours Lounge        
02/09- We have allied with the BVA clan as of last night
02/08- Match between BVA cancelled for tonight
02/07- Prepare for match between the BVA clan
02/06- Meeting in the Afterhours Lounge 5:00 pm
02/05- Practice Cancelled for today  
02/04- If you would like to be in the clan match vs. BVA contact me
02/03- Practice today in the Afterhours Lounge at 4:00 pm
02/02- Another new recruit- Savagedog
02/01- Scrimmage next Tuesday at 7:00 pm versus the BVA clan      
01/31- Clan srimmage versus LBZ tonight.
01/30- Clan tryouts today in the Afterhours Lounge from 11:30-1:00 pm
We have taken on a new recruit: SniperDevil 311.
01/29- Practice today and were also having a small scrimage with the ENF clan.    
01/28- We hope to play one of the following clans- BVA, LBZ  within the
next week or so, if anyone plans to be in any of the fights then make sure to contact me.
01/27- I received a challenge from the BVA Half-Life Clan, if any one
is interested then email me.
01/26- Nothing  much at this time
01/25- Thursday and Saturday practice in the Afterhours Lounge
01/24- We finally got Opposing Force yesterday and our new
Op 4 server is called "Op for Insanity" so you can try to find us there
01/23- Happy Birthday to Chris!
01/22- Three new maps: Beatdown, Mulch_dm, and Training
01/21- New member this week: lady_zoom
01/20- Practice days are Monday, Thursday, Saturday
01/19- New practice time 4:00 pm Mountain time
01/18- Two new maps: Courage and Spyhard on the Media page
01/17- New practice schedule this week see page for details
01/16- Zip played Pocketmonster in a 1 on 1 game
01/15- Practicing the new scripts with zip in the Afterhours Lounge
01/14- Offense and Defense practice in WAR Practice Server
01/13- Look for new script files written by zip on posting page
01/12- Battle versus the FFA Clan at 6:00 pm Mountain time
01/11- New member this week is: ~zip~
01/10- Practice this week at 3:30 pm on the Afterhours TFC Server

The Creator_27 strikes again