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Date 01-09-00

Well what a night two practices and a clan war. We played versus the Clan (LBZ) The Lost Boyz they are pretty good. It was our first real clan to clan war though. We were doing pretty well the first two rounds but the next one I guess we just fell apart, I know I did. I tried contacting most of you but some of you weren't there. Don't worry we'll try to schedule more wars with other clans if we can all practice as one team so don't forget about the practices we need you guys.

Date 01-08-00

I just wanted to mention that to communicate more quickly amongst ourselves for games we should all have AIM (Aol Instant Messenger) Icq is too slow. If you don't have it then you can download it off the main page. Make sure and send me your name. Ive also added the stars to the members profiles don't worry about  them there just there to keep us organized.

Date 01-07-00

Congratulations to Mr. Cream on joining our Clan. I also want to mention that today is the third week anniversary of the page but it doesn't really matter. Nice practice game yesterday for those that came. I'm not saying you had to come but it's just nice having the whole clan there. Group photo next week so don't forget to come to practice on Thursday.

Date 01-06-00

Don't forget members we have a practice today in the Afterhours TFC Server at 3:30 pm our time. If you didn't receive an email notify me.  I will also be sending you the password for the server as soon as possible. If you are having problems getting in email me at

Date 01-05-00

Am I dumb or what? I put 99 on the dates of the news instead of 00. Well it's not too hard to get wrong because typing 2000 on every page is just wierd. But it's pretty cool that we get to put 00
on everything. I know what your thinking.... boring! Well I have to write something in the news.

Date 01-04-00

Hey peeps. What's up? Not much to mention today. I know everyone is eager to find out when TF2 is coming out. But the truth is no one really knows except the creators. I will post it on the home page when it does come out though.

Date 01-03-00

If there's anyone who has any cool screenshots that they want me to put on the Goodies page then  
email me with them. Or if you have any maps that we could use then you can send them to me through Icq.

Date 01-02-00

I finally put some maps up on the media page. It took me awhile to figure out how to put them on with links that actually work since I'm using a program called Trellix, at least it's easier than Html.

Date 01-01-00

Wow, what an awesome night! We partied like it was 1999 and it was, until midnight.
What a conicidence, today is our 2nd week anniversary.  

Date 12-30-99

Tryouts! Tryouts! Tryouts! Three words to make you jump up and down. Join us at either the Afterhours Server or the WAR Clan Tryouts server all this week and next week except for Friday night.

Date 12-29-99

The TCA wepage is now up. Make sure to visit both wep pages often.

Date 12-28-99

We are trying to put up our TCA website this week but I'll still be updating.

Date 12-27-99

Members, make sure to come back to the page weekly for clan news and make sure to find us in the Afterhours server when it's open.

Date 12-26-99

Haven't updated much lately but I've been busy. I also wanted to mention that when the Matrix mod for Half-Life is done we will be putting the URL on the Posting page. So make sure and look for that.

Date 12-25-99

Happy Holidays! Hope you all are having a good weekend. Remember to join us at our Afterhours server today. Yaah! Today is the 1st week anniversary of our page.  

Date 12-24-99

Christmas is tomorrow so I don't have much new information at this time but if you wait patiently I try to update as soon as possible.

Date 12-23-99

We've added a new server, Afterhours2 TFC Server, you'll see it posted on the Servers page. If you have a map you want to play then email us with your request.

Date 12-22-99

Dang Christmas has come upon us fast. Meet us on Saturday for a special Christmas CTF game. Make sure and come to the Afterhours TFC server.

Date 12-21-99

We are looking to recruit a good HW guy so if there is any one out there who thinks that there pretty good at handling the big guns contact us at (

Date: 12-20-99

Our page is now up so you can look through the new member files and schedule for our games.
We will put up a specific time for Clan Tryouts and Practice matches.

Date: 12-19-99

We've been starting to upload some of the maps for TFC so they well be in the Media depo as soon as possible.

FragMasterZero has completed our new logo so we should be sending them to you shortly. If want to know how to use them you can email FragMaster at