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Posted Dec 31 99

Last day of the millenium WOOW!!!! What a momentous occasion, let's play.

Posted: Dec 30 99

We are holding Clan Tryouts this week. If you would like to join our clan go to the Server page to see where you can go for a tryout. We have a couple new servers you can try this week. Also you can go to the schedule page to see what time we'll be on.

Posted: Dec 29 99

Wow, just two days until the Millenium. Don't look for our server on Friday night we want to make sure that our systems don't get messed up in case anything happens because of Y2K. But we'll see you the day after if nothing has happened.

Posted: Dec 28 99

We've branched of onto a new site for our TCA clan. If you need a link to the site it will be on the Posting page as soon as it's finished.

Posted: Dec 27 99

Hi everybody I'm back to updating finally. Hope everyone had a good weekend. If you need any new news about the clan you'll have to wait till tommorow to find out. I'll try to update the newsletter tonight.

Posted: Dec 26 99

Sorry I didn't update today I was busy with other things. But thanks to everyone who joined us at our server yesterday. I liked all the presents we got in the game.

Posted: Dec 25 99

Merry Christmas everybody. Make sure and join us in our Afterhours server today for a special Christmas day game. Also today is the page's one week anniversary. Cool, on the same day as Christmas.

Posted: Dec 24 99

This sucks because I think I forgot to save my last update so I have to rewrite the news sections.

Posted: Dec 23 99

Wow,  just two days till Christmas. Although it seems like it's already over. Hey I put up a guestbook  yesterday so if you get a chance sign it.  

We have a new clan member, Firesong. Welcome to the WAR clan. Sorry I didn't mention it yesterday.

Posted: Dec 22 99

Oh, if you didn't see this on the newsletter page i'm going to tell you now. Were looking for a HW Guy just somone who knows how to handle the big guns. If you like playing as a heavy weapons guy and want to be on the clan email us at

Posted: Dec 21 99
We put up some banners I hope you don't mind. I actually like banners Iv'e gotten alot of good deals by using them. You would do us a favor by clicking on them if you would. Thanks.

Don't forget we'll be posting next weeks game time's as soon as possible and we'll also be putting up some map files this weekend.  

Posted: Dec 20 99
We have two new clan members! Congratulations on joining our clan, Sgt. Steve and Pocket Monster.

Remember we're still recruiting so dont forget to tryout or if you need more information on joining the clan go to Posting to read all about it.