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TFC Maps:

unzip these files to your half life/tfc/maps folder
some maps require a .wad file which you need to place in your tfc directory
                                                  = screenshot   top = top pick
      beatdown - a couple practice areas that are replicas of 2fort and well

      courage - you either can be the ones to steal the artifact or you can gaurd it. Takes place in  a museum and there are two separate rebel bases. (this map will only be up for short while longer)

      mulch_dm - two battle fields which you practice on  

      training -multiple rooms and levels to practice in

     totalwar -a war between two sides your either the fascists or the communists and you capture each others flag

    beta maps:

    tiger - this is the sequel to totalwar. It has a boat, a lighthouse, bunker, a tank, and more, all which you capture for your team.  (I think this is a really cool level)      

    bank - you can be either the resevoir dogs and steal the loot from the vault or you can be                  bank gaurds and protect the loot, also there is allowed one super cop     

I have limited space so if you need a map that I have taked off this page
please contact me and I might be able to send you the file